Our Project

    List of Past Project from the year 2016-2017

    No. Main Contractor/Owner Project Description Year
    1. Smart Road Construction Works Road Work 2017
    2. HD Tech Enterprise Road Work 2017
    3. Laluan Sepakat Enterprise Road Works and Earthworks 2017
    4. Top Metro Consultancy Sdn. Bhd Site Clearing 2017
    5. Wan Koon Aluminium & Glass Site Clearing and Earthworks 2017
    6. Maju PBJ Sdn. Bhd Roadworks and Earthworks 2017
    7. Milik Mestika Sdn. Bhd Earthworks and Rental of Lorry and Machinery 2017
    8. Greenland Malaysia Gardenscapes Sdn. Bhd Road Works 2017
    9. TJ Bina Enterprise Road Works 2016
    10. Lim Huat Contract Works Supply Lorry and Machinery for Laterite Work 2016
    11. Pembinaan Juarahan Sdn Bhd Road Works 2016
    12. Gelombang Perdana Road Works and Earthworks 2016
    13. Kasturi Bayu Enterprise Road Works 2016
    14. ENR Dynamik Sdn. Bhd Road Works 2016
    15. Pembinaan Legastia Sdn. Bhd (Dataran Larkin) Road Works, Earthworks and Rental of Machinery and Lorry 2016
    16. Pustaka Efekti Sdn. Bhd (Prima Terbau) Earthworks and Rental of Machinery and Lorry 2016
    17. Metrowealth Development Sdn. Bhd Road Works and Earthworks 2016