Our Facilities

    Supporting Department

    Supporting department is a very important department of the company that ensures all the lorries and machinery works are operating in a well manner. Our lorry and machinery are maintained on a monthly basis, regular checkup and maintenance are done on the vehicles.

    Foremen are the person who helps in maintaining the lorries and machineries in good condition. Our Leader has the experience of 40 years in this filed, he is responsible to manage the workshop and ensures everything go through smoothly. Other than that, he is also responsible to provide training for junior foreman to create a skillful and well-trained foreman team.

    Our Foreman team is of professional and is able to respond to the problem promptly in order for the machinery and lorry to be kept in good condition to ensure products delivered on time and thus helping in rendering good service.

    Logistics Department

    Logistics Department is dealing with the transportation of premix, soil, and stone. The entire department is consists of sixteen members and one team leader. The team leader of this department is in charge to schedule the trip. The truckers in the department are having average experience in between 10-15 years and maintaining good record. Other than that, the team leader is also responsible to ensure all the goods are being delivered on time. By delivering the goods on time, it would increase the efficiency of the whole process of construction work.

    Construction Division

    Construction division is responsible for the construction of roadwork and earthwork. Machines which attached to this division are road paver, road roller, compactor, backhoe, excavator, dozer, and tractor. This department is playing an important role in construction projects because it controls the progress of the construction works to be slow or fast.

    Our Commercial Vehicle and Machinery 

    Backhoe   Compactor   Dozer   Excavator   Lorry
    Lorry Tipper   Low Loader   Road Paver   Road Roller   Tractor